Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
March 24, 2013



fashion week

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I like looking back at last September’s shows- it makes more sense now since we are actually 
in the season they were meant for. (No bitching about the weather here, no I LOVE snow in 
The idea of luminosity is very present here- as ever in Craig Lawrence’s work- and I love
 the combination of his skilled dresses which have taken hundreds of hours to make alongside 
the tongue in cheek plastic pouches seen around arms and waists. They somehow transport 
the collection from fantasy to reality- you can see yourself wearing (and buying) the pouches 
and so suddenly hand knitted, hooded, floor length silver dresses with matching gloves seems 
like a viable option.
Also would like to link this back to the Glow In The Dark post I did a few weeks back as
 this collection from Lawrence very much reminds me of the Dion Lee sweater I still want.
Plus you gotta love crazy sideburns and red lips.