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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
July 18, 2013



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Flower overload. Ten thousand flowers filling three rooms tends to do that.
Yesterday’s Jo Malone Christmas in July event (click here for a photo of Santa on the hottest 
day of the year) made me think back to a launch in the Jo Malone house earlier this year for
the new scent Peony Blush Suede. It’s not out until September but I can’t wait any longer to
share these images. The room was filled with ten thousand peonies which, mixed with the smell
of burning candles and spritz of the perfume, was a sensory overload in the best sense kind of

Is this the most incredible floral arrangement or what? I can just see it at a wedding…

It was far too easy to take hundreds of beautiful photos of the space- so enjoy!


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