Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 12, 2013



Beauty / outfits

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No, sadly not the Luxembourg gardens in Paris, the ones that I used to play in as a child 
(naked, in sand pits, getting locked in loos: the lot). But close enough, mentally anyway- 
not geographically- was the maze at the front of the Botanical Gardens in Oxford. The 
Parisian fantasy all made possible by the rather wonderful Monsieur Francois Nars who 
created the satin lip pencils come lipstick that everyone has been raving about- this one 
aptly named (wait for it) – Luxembourg. 
And yes – big drum roll please – I dyed my hair. It makes me look paler but at least I don’t 
blend into backgrounds anymore. I love a slightly auburn chestnut brown. What a 
description. And THANK GOD it’s kind-of-almost-but-not-really cool enough to wear
 big jumpers and jeans again. All in dark colours to match my dark hair- phew. I’ll leave the 
colour to my lips for now- thank you NARS.