Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
October 21, 2013



fashion week / photography

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It’s great being able to see the collections 6 months before they happen, and I always enjoy 
seeing what’s ‘ahead’ and having the honour to shoot it. But sometimes I kind of forget 
what happened. At the moment, my head is already in Spring Summer 2014 mode thanks 
to the September shows. Maybe that’s why so many people who work in fashion actually 
just wear the simplest clothes, and the odd on-season jacket or bag- it’s easier to get your 
head (and wardrobe) around it that way. 
So I’m harking back to one of my favourite Autumn Winter 2013 shows: Marques’ Almedia. 
Ripped denim, the richest navy blue fur, camouflage and zebra print. Looking at this now, I still 
want it all. I love the slit open backs, the ponyskin and the messy-and-neat hair playoff. 
Seriously though, I need that camo skirt- kind of reminds me of this one.