Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
October 30, 2013



inspiration / interiors

 photo hemnet-larlingsgatan2b-husligheter-19_zps74971001.jpg
 photo hemnet-larlingsgatan2b-husligheter-13_zps016de2eb.jpg
 photo hemnet-larlingsgatan2b-husligheter-10_zps36e710ea.jpg

More bitter sweet daydreams of beautiful white rooms with strategically placed plants, candles 
and beauty products. My dream for my own flat bathroom is still strong. I stumbled across 
these on Merry Mishap, one of my favourite new interior blogs, but the photos belong to  
Elin Kichen a 22 year old freelance stylist. Now I feel old (and even more jealous). She’s 
got a great instagram you should check out too, just to torment yourself all day.