Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
January 26, 2014



inspiration / interiors

 photo 58e2ad622d3bd6709b42fe56c6748ef4_zps0f68b8e7.jpg
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 photo dd98660cdd0761b2b201089e9e47a774_zpsfbc36f7e.jpg
 photo 1aececce1cc59ac46e81f4984ec53f58_zps3cb48814.jpg
 photo 945582efeef110eefb1962ab2d953e07_zps74bb7b71.jpg
With my recent new addiction to Pinterest, I’ve been collating quite a large number of
beautiful interiors. All perfectly stored away for review on the day I win the lottery. The
above show my penchant for lots of light thanks to oversized windows.
One day, one day.