Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
February 11, 2014



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If there’s anything a French girl loves, it’s cheese. And quite frankly any human being should
love cheese in my eyes. And yes I am talking about the smelliest, runniest stuff around. The
kind of cheese that makes itself known the second you open the front door. Sorry not sorry.
The other type of cheese- that of the Valentine’s Day type – is one of my most hated things. I
have nothing against a people loving on each other, I just don’t understand the need to make a
big hu-hah and demand ridiculous things for something that is, really, just another day. I’d
much rather my other half was just generally kind and thoughtful to me throughout the year than
 just this one day. Quite frankly, I’d be happy to stay in and eat cheese till the cows come home
in February, it’s ‘layering’ month anyway.
The photographs above were shot for my Valentine’s Day feature on Notion. A lovely selection,
 that let me get a little bit too girlie for the day. The only problem now is deciding which lipstick
to wear for my mass wine& cheese-fest come the weekend.