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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
March 7, 2014



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I love to travel, as I’m sure you know. A few weeks back I got to visit Neil in his lovely
apartment in… London. Although we live in the same city, his place near Canary 
Wharf seemed a world away from mine. They’re technically not far, but the difference in
landscape- a mix of residential houses with a view of big city buildings across the water
was wildly dramatic from where I come from (read: flat, same size buildings, no water,
no shiny buildings). I felt like I was in New York!

No really, I did. (Note to self: must go back to New York soon and remind myself what
it actually looks like).

I was primarily there to shoot Neil (with my camera not a gun) (man I love brackets) and
the mix of sunny morning with oncoming rain storm made for some amazing lighting on
the water- and I couldn’t resist a few photos of my own.

Looking forward to a weekend of rumoured 18 degree temperatures!
Throw that coat in the water!

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Thank you Neil for the photos.