Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
March 17, 2014



 photo IMG_4947_zps715504e9.jpg
Highlighters are my new ‘beauty obsession’ I supposed you could call it- although that phrase
has been thrown around one too many times and has kind of lost it’s meaning. I suppose I could
call them my new high. Highlighters.
Yes, that’s better.
With the sun peaking it’s head round the clouds, it’s great to have a little something on your
face that’ll shine right back. No glitter here, though. Just shine- or glow. In fact whilst wearing
 the Illamasqua Gleam (above, middle) I was told I was ‘glowing’ which I took as a compliment
to my make up not that I looked pregnant (shit, did I?)
Either way, I’ve also made another video on this very subject. So do have a look at it here, 
and give it a good old fashioned thumbs up if you like it. Or just let me know what you