Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
May 9, 2014



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Visiting Moscow this year was different to usual, due to the situation over there with Ukraine at
the moment. I was slightly apprehensive (even though I’ve been more than ten times before) as
you can imagine, but there was no need. I forgot how much of an island Moscow can be
compared to the rest of Russia. Much like the Kremlin, it seems to be housed within a protected

We brought the sunny weather with us- as you can see -and we lucky enough to be walking around
in t-shirts for most of the week. There’s a common misconception that Russia is always covered
in snow but in fact it gets very warm in the summer, and we hit the jackpot timing wise getting
the first round of heat and sun.

Even though I’ve been to Moscow just a few times before (my father lives there) I’d never
actually been into the Kremlin. So we put on our best Slav expressions and walked in (it’s free
if your Russian and very expensive if you’re a tourist). Big, white cathedrals with golden
roofs, extensive detail- big open white spaces. I was in heaven.

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