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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
May 29, 2014



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Whoever came up with the idea of travel ‘essentials’? I find it odd- mostly because we all know
the essentials (suncream, face wash, deodorant), and yet I am still lost over what to actually
pack, alongside the essentials. Which is precisely where I’m at now. Sitting on my bedroom
floor surrounded by what I might pack. And this is no normal packing, I’m doing 3 months
in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali.
And then at the end of it… I’m moving to Sydney!
So I’m trying to pack for the rest of my life, essentially. Which means there are about 329
‘essential’ things to pack, but I only have room for maybe a sixth of them.
In the midst of my #firstworldproblem crisis, I thought I’d share 3 things which I am most
definitely going to pack. In fact, they’re already in my suitcase, tucked up and ready to go.


 photo gypsywaterbyredohealgelevelomintensehydrationserumholidaytravelessentialsbeautyJPG_zps06bb3dbb.jpg