Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 18, 2014




 photo emmahoareaucommesdesgarconstshirtleviscutoffsdenimshortsoutfit_zps86031a10.jpg
 photo emmahoareaucommesdesgarconstshirtleviscutoffsdenimshortsoutfitnike_zps19d7ab90.jpg

 photo firecabinetfusionmaiaemmahoareauplaycgdtee_zps7e55880d.jpg

 photo emmahoareaucommesdesgarconstshirtleviscutoffsdenimshortsoutfitvietnam_zps34a8e65b.jpg

 photo emmahoareaucommesdesgarconstshirtleviscutoffsdenimshortsoutfitgoldenhour_zps6d14a52e.jpg

Finally! An outfit! I stood against a wall and took a photo.
Incredible what you can do when you put your mind to it.
I feel like since I’ve been travelling there’s been lots of beach/pool/touristy photos and I wanted to 
do a post (maybe even a couple) that are more ‘blog’ like to remind myself – and you, too – what 
this blog is about. Not that it’s all just about outfits, but that they fit in here still, along with the 
travel documentation.
I bought this Play by Commes de Garcons t-shirt in Hong Kong. It was the perfect buy as I wanted
 a stripey top, and had always wanted a CDG tee. Only problem is is that it’s rather thick 
for Vietnamese weather, so it’s in the evening wear or -wait-till-I-get-to-Sydney pile.
photos by Josh