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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 26, 2014



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In two weeks we will finally reach our final destination: Sydney.
It’s incomprehensible that the ‘traveling’ part of our journey is coming to an end as it was so
surreal that it even ever began. The time was slow at first, but the last month has rushed by and
all of a sudden we’re boarding a flight to Bali, with a fourteen day countdown.
I’m quite looking forward to reaching a more permanent destination of sorts, as being on the move
for the past 11 weeks has been almost as tiring as it’s been fun (I realise I’m delving into
massive #firstworldproblems here, but bare with me) as squeezing packing my belongings up
every 24 or 48 hours never gives you the chance to ‘settle’ like you normally can. Like when
you return from holiday and it’s surprisingly enjoyable to get home, unpack and feel very
satisfied with yourself and able to get back to getting stuff ‘done’. Like to-do lists, washing,
tidying, sorting…
Wait! Did I just admit I miss to do lists?

I guess I did. It’s the small things that I miss, the small rituals. Small rituals of feeling at home,
or rather making yourself feel at home. I feel like I’ve been on the move so much recently I
haven’t had the time to begin to feel at home, and if I do then I’m most likely leaving it the
next day.

So I’m relishing the thought of dropping my bags and setting up camp somewhere.

But I’m also looking forward to the next two weeks in Bali, follow me on Instagram to keep
up to date.