Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
September 22, 2014



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First a little update: I now live in Sydney! By the beach, in the sun. 
I’m as happy as can be about that.


And living so near to the sea reminded me of this beautiful launch that happened just before I
left London. As usual (who could forget the incredible Peony Blush Suede launch?) the Jo
Malone town house was aptly decorated to transport you to the inspiration of the scent: the
English coast. Which meant sand, plants and a life size washed up boat had all been
brought in, and made for the perfect photo op.
Also: cake.
The scent of Wood Sage and Sea Salt reminded me quite literally of having salty wind in
your hair, when your only consolation for your red face is the smell and texture of your hair.
Imagine this then mixed with a woody earthiness of sage. Light and deep at the same time,
and surprisingly subtle and refreshing.
The scent is now available as a cologne, candle and body creme.