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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
October 11, 2014



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photos taken at Villa Sungai, Bali
Diving in at the deep end. 
A sensation I’m familiar with since arriving in Sydney, both metaphorically and physically.
Putting myself out there in terms of work and making new friends, and then literally diving
into the sea to clear my head.
It’s now been a month since we arrived, and we’ve found a flat, made a couple friends, found some
form of work, but there’s still a way to go on making this feel like ‘home’. I haven’t gotten into
a routine of any sort yet, which for me is important. I like having order to my days and at the
moment every day is different, which whilst being fun can also be stressful and adds pressure.
New experiences have that effect: they make you feel alive by giving you new emotions
and perspectives, yet sometimes those emotions can all become too much. Only for a little
while though; then you realise how lucky you are to be in that situation. That’s what I try to
do anyway. Long story short: it’s all good but sometimes I’m missing home.
I’ll just keep diving in and seeing where it takes me.