Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
October 23, 2014



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During our travels, the one thing I missed most was being able to have a ‘home’. A place
where I could unpack my bags, have my own bed and decorate.

We found a beautiful place not far from the beach (all white walls and wooden flooring) and
I couldn’t be happier here. We did the obligatory IKEA run but also we’ve been finding things
on the street. Here in Sydney people throw out the most amazing stuff! I’ve found chests of
drawers, an armchair, a huge beanbag and even some body boards and fishing rods…!

I’m planning to shoot more here, and continue my ‘blogging’ as I did in London, with beauty
and outfits posts, and also continue my videos.  But of course there will also be more of my
travels (all the photos have almost crashed my computer) scattered throughout.

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