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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
December 4, 2014



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When I walk past a L’Occitane store, there’s nothing much that can stop me from going in. I know
as soon as I walk in the waft of the beautiful scents will transport me to Provence, back to my
family holidays in the South under the sun, swaying on hammocks reading, jumping into pools,
laughing in the sea, the warm smell of pine trees and ripe figs.

These oils from L’Occitane smell so damn good that they give me those beautiful memories of
the South of France when I spray them on, and in addition they give me silky smooth skin,
perfect for keeping a healthy tan. I especially like that both these are made up of almond oil,
which I’ve been a big fan of since discovering it’s superpowers in my Diptyque cleanser.