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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
December 16, 2014



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Taking time out. It’s often seen as a weakness – that you can’t handle the fast pace of modern
life. Being ‘busy’ has become a badge of honour, that people wear as if their busy-ness/
busi-ness proves that they are doing something in life and makes them feel like they are
important because there is also something ‘to do’.
Whilst having a busy schedule can be great for a while, and can mean you’re doing well in
your career. I think it’s always important to take time out for yourself, not think about work,
and spend a day or two (or a month or two if you can) reminding yourself who you are without
all the daily distractions of work, emails, partners, tv series…
Today I’m doing just that, taking a day for myself. I feel like since we got to Sydney and
stopped travelling, I’ve had so much to do (#busybrag) and have lost touch with myself
somewhat. I’m going to go and swim in the ocean and feel the sun on my skin, read, write
and think.