Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
January 11, 2015



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I sometimes chuckle that I write about beauty on a daily basis, and run a blog which features
it heavily. I say this because when I say this to people who I’ve just met, I imagine they have this
idea of me as a girl who’s always been into beauty and loved make-up. In reality it was quite
the opposite, although I grew up as the youngest of 5 girls, I was more interested in training to
be a gymnast, climbing anything I could (this included all our doorways to my mother’s dismay)
and making up dance routines with my friends after school. Even years later at university I
rotated between using Savlon or Aqueous BP cream to moisturise my face. Mainly because I
was hopelessly poor and the harsh winters of Northern England meant I needed a thick dose of
help, but I also quite liked the fact that I used such simplistic, everyday products on my face.
Fast forward 3 years and I was running the beauty section of a magazine, having been thrown
in (gladly, I might add) the deep end since graduating and my days were made up of beauty
launches, breakfasts with brands, writing features and planning editorial. My Savlon and Aqueous
BP were duly replaced with more ‘Beauty Editor’ appropriate products. And now, almost another
3 years after that and I’m here, still going strong with beauty.
One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed over the last year or so, is that I’m gravitating towards
more luxury high end brands. There’s the obvious reason why: they have so much prestige attached
to them that I’d be a fool not to try them out, but there’s also a reason I’m realising more and
more now: I want to take care of my skin, age well and luxury brands give you the results to
make this possible. Over the past month I’ve been using these three products from La Prairie;
the Foam Cleanser – which feels like rubbing pure silk on your skin, Cellular Refining Lotion
and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil.


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It all began when I was invited to discover the brand by having a facial with them at David
Jones (which you can do too, and the price is redeemable against any products purchased). My
skin was quite literally glowing afterwards – proof – and so of course: I was at once intrigued by
the brand and hooked to the products. The reason why La Prairie works so well – there’s a science
to luxury, after all – is thanks to the exclusive Cellular Complex. The patented formula activates
the skin’s metabolism and delays the signs of ageing by helping the skin cells to survive (=
glowing skin) and promotes the skin’s natural defense system to prevent damage.

And so here I am, chuckling that I write about skincare – with La Prairie on my shelf instead
of Savlon.

I’m now thankful to the Swiss for two things: feeding me non-stop with chocolate on Swiss Air
flights and for some damn good scientific skincare. Both are things I know shall never part

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