Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
February 18, 2015



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HoiAn to Hue.
This winding coastal drive was one of my favourite experiences during our time away,
probably because it was something we hadn’t planned in advance, and never did I think I’d
be on the back on a moped in South East Asia (I’d heard too many horror stories of friends
falling off).
There was something about being there, in the scenery, not watching from a train or bus, but
instead having to find our own way on a foreign road – we did get lost a couple times, which
just made for further exploration. Mainly it was driving north and following the coastal line and
the sea as much as we could, after all, Hue is just 60 odd miles North of HoiAn. It took us a day
in all, which we could have done faster – but of course we wanted to lap up the scenery, and
take breaks to stop us from melting into the seat of our bikes in the heat! The roads were quiet
leaving HoiAn, a bit busier driving through Danang, then totally empty (apart from a couple
other groups of riders) in the mountains and then crazy busy on the approach to Hue. If you’re
in the area, or planning a trip to Vietnam – I would highly recommend it.