Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
March 4, 2015



 photo SisleyParisEyeContourMaskMasqueContourdesYeuxEmmaHoareaublogmarbletop_zps44e93aae.jpg
 photo SisleyParisEyeContourMaskMasqueContourdesYeuxEmmaHoareaublogS_zps81342a4c.jpg

Having spent what you can only call a ‘girls weekend’ (Inverted commas to let you know that
I hate that phrase) in Melbourne for the past 4 days, it’s clear that the fruits of our trip (mainly
wine, with a couple espresso martinis and too much shopping thrown in) have taken their toll
on our my skin, especially around the eyes. Not enough sleep – hey, we were trying to be 
good tourists and cramourdayswithactivities – travel and aforementioned food and alcohol
are no doubt to blame.

On the plane last night we all looked at each other and suddenly we were seriously looking
forward to getting home and spending some time on our skin. So; tonight my new favourite 
peel will be whipped out, and afterwards the Eye Contour Mask from Sisley Paris to rid
ourselves of any lingering dark circles and fine lines.