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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
April 1, 2015



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This time I said: no rush, just enjoy. And I’ll say the same to you – enjoy my Thai photo diary…
There’s nothing much more magical than landing in Thailand. Even though I had visited once
before, this time it was different. The first time around I was just 18 and would be spending 2
weeks cramming in the delights (at that age: partying, drinking, tanning) as much as possible.
Although, don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to relive some of that again, I also wanted to get
more of a feel for the country itself, and taking more time to relax and enjoy it rather than
rush through it.
During our stay we visited Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi on the west coast then Koh Tao and
Koh Samui on the east coast. I don’t want to give too much of a long introduction – you get
it: Thailand is beautiful. So I’ve put a short description an explanation to each of these photos.
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Afternoon swings on the peaceful island of Koh Tao.
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Ain’t no golden hour like a Thai golden hour.
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Crab tracks on the sand.
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Monkeys playing in the forest which Rayavadee is set in.
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The pool at Rayavadee.
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Incredible sunsets pulling in the crowds at Rayavadee.
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A beautiful jasmine bracelet I was given on arrival at Rayavadee.
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