Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
May 2, 2015



 photo SapaNorthernVietnamRicefieldspaddieswalktrekthingstodoEmmaHoareauHomngTriberiver_zpse98de5c6.jpg
 photo SapaNorthernVietnamRicefieldspaddieswalktrekthingstodoEmmaHoareauHomngTribebridge_zps97b6e3df.jpg
 It’s time for a travel post! I haven’t done one in a while, and it’s hard to believe that we embarked
on our travels almost a year ago and even harder to believe I still haven’t posted all the photos!
(Stay tuned, I’ll be posting a couple more hotel reviews soon too).
This photo diary comes from Sapa, where we visited the incredible rice fields on the Chinese
border of Northern Vietnam. I’d always dreamed of going here since seeing photos a couple
 of years ago, so it was great to tick this one of the bucket list…
We walked down through the fields to stay in a small village for the night with the Hmong
people, who were friendly and caring people and very excited about showing us their ways
and their land.
Their dress made me think of traditional dress in parts of South America, which I hadn’t
expected, with the bright colours embroidered on everything and heavy jewellery. They also
all wore rubber sandals, but were so light footed and like poles for us to cling onto in the
mud (walking down a mountain after a heavy downpour isn’t the easiest!).
I hope you enjoy the photos I took along the trip.
 photo SapaNorthernVietnamRicefieldspaddieswalktrekthingstodoEmmaHoareauHomngTribe7_zps41256a75.jpg
 photo SapaNorthernVietnamRicefieldspaddieswalktrekthingstodoEmmaHoareaulocals_zps058c2824.jpg
 photo SapaNorthernVietnamRicefieldspaddieswalktrekthingstodoEmmaHoareauHomngTribewaiting_zpscedd21f0.jpg
 photo SapaNorthernVietnamRicefieldspaddieswalktrekthingstodoEmmaHoareauHomngTribethebridge_zps33f9690e.jpg
 photo SapaNorthernVietnamRicefieldspaddieswalktrekthingstodoEmmaHoareaucolours_zps9ecaade0.jpg
 photo SapaNorthernVietnamRicefieldspaddieswalktrekthingstodoEmmaHoareauHomngTribephotography_zps219bf0cd.jpg
 photo SapaNorthernVietnamRicefieldspaddieswalktrekthingstodoEmmaHoareauHomngTribegreenvertris_zpsbb6c0b73.jpg