Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
June 16, 2015



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Welcoming a new member to the Sisley family (it’ll make all your other skincare
work even better).

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Sisley Paris; the Black Rose Cream Mask, Black Rose Precious 
Oil and the Express Flower Gel Mask are all on high rotation in my bathroom.

The new Essential Skin Care Lotion comes from the Sisleya anti-ageing range – the original
Sisleya cream is still one of Sisley’s top selling products – and is designed to perfectly prepare
the skin to receive subsequent skincare products.

I think it’s genius.
I often get asked by friends – Do beauty products really work? Is it worth spending big bucks 
on? And my answer is always the same: they do if you’ve prepared your skin. If you can’t be
bothered to properly wash your face (I’m looking at you wipes users!)(if you don’t know what to
use I highly recommend the Buff and Wash gel) then no, your eye creams and serums will not
work as effectively. This is due to the skin cells still being covered in make-up / dirt and therefore
the product can’t get to them as easily. By introducing the step of the new Essential Skin Care
Lotion, your skin is being allowed to breath before applying further skincare.

For added hydrating, spritz the Floral Spray Mist lightly over your face before massaging
the Lotion gently into the skin.

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