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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
June 18, 2015



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You know you’re in for a good time when an air conditioned car with massage chairs (!!) picks
you up from the airport, drives you to your private boat, which then speeds you along to the
Yup, welcome to Rayavadee.
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I’ll get this out the way first: I’m very #sorrynotsorry that this is such a big photo diary, but
when a place is as good as this – I didn’t want to starve you of the photos. And in my
defense, Rayavadee spans 26 acres and 3 beaches on the border of Krabi Marine National 
Park in Thailand = LOTS of places to discover and photograph.So, where to begin?
Once we had arrived, checked in and been golf-carted to our jungle villa we felt at home in
minutes. The two story luxury huts have all you need – the comfiest bed I’ve ever slept in (srsly),
a big beautiful white bathroom, your own terrace and of course all just minutes walk from
pools, beaches and restaurants that Rayavadee prides itself on.The design of the place has clearly focused on bringing the outside in, bamboo, palms and flowers
are all present in the decor. But quite frankly, I was quite happy with lapping up nature itself
during our stay. Swimming, eating, sleeping, relaxing.

Watching beautiful sunsets with a cocktail in hand in a Grotto bar which has been built into the
caves is my idea of heaven.

And since this is a travel post it seems perfect to ask – have you seen my #LSStravels series I’m
doing over on instagram? Over nine days I’m highlighting my favourite places to visit at this
time of year (European summer) so do jump over and take a look, let me know where you’ve
been and where you’re dreaming of

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