Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
June 23, 2015



 photo Salt sprays_zpsxkk0ijpk.jpg
When you need that texture in your hair but the sea is nowhere to be found.
Having moved away from the ocean for a couple months (!! withdrawal symptoms are HIGH)
I realised just how much I’d been relying on daily swims and sea air for that beach babe texture
in my hair. My waves (pun intended) seem so much more defined when I’m by the sea, too.
So – in the name of research, of course – I tried and tested a load of salt sprays for your hair and
have come up with a concise four favourites that will all give you that Oh my hair? I just went 
for a swim look, even if the sea is nowhere in sight.
Marc Anthony Beach Spray

Choose your weapon an apply liberally to towel dried hair, and if you need a top up spray
into your hair and scrunch into dry hair.

 photo Short hair salt spray_zpswppyyrf6.jpg