Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
July 2, 2015



 photo ZEN Botanics rose water mist and clearing cleanse Emma hoareau_zpshqndb43o.jpg
Plant based skincare with a great philosophy and the ultimate minimal packaging.
Giving yourself a moment (or two!) of Zen in the day is very important to me, and whilst I do 
love an app to help me get there, sometimes something a little more natural is needed. The
Bulgarian Rose Hydration Mist from ZEN Botanics has become a permanent fixture on my
bedside table for a pre or post sleep moment of calm and freshness.
I love the idea behind the brand, too. Created with the hope of peace that comes from being
at one with your own skin. Awareness of yourself, the world and everything in it. Living in
the present moment and experiencing it fully.
How wonderful is that? Like meditation for your skin.


 photo ZEN Botanics rose water mist and clearing cleanser_zpsbh7wczwa.jpg