Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 25, 2015



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When you want to look anything but plain when you land.
The long haul plane journey: what and how to pack in-flight skincare.
don’t we?), but unless you’ve won the lottery you are travelling First Class, there is rarely
much glamour involved in a long haul flight. Watching endless films and (miraculously!)
managing to fall asleep can be fun, but what about your poor skin being dehydrated at
30,000 feet?
When I was deciding what to pack for my trip back to England, I decided to figure
out just what I’d need to take with me. It might seem like a lot for your non-beauty lover but
all these things are necessary to keep your skin (and mind) in tip-top shape during a long
plane journey. This trip I used the travel bottles and pots from QVS to decant the necessary
amount of some bigger products, leaving some space left in my bag for other things.
Here’s what I packed:
Make-up remover + cotton pads
Bioderma decanted into a QVS travel bottle
Hydrating mist
Use liberally, all the time. This one from ZKin is all natural, too.
Don’t be that person.
Eye gel / mask 
Once your skin is clean, I apply a top up every couple hours. Your eyes are the biggest
jetlag give away.
Lip balm
Toothbrush / toothpaste
Most airlines will give you these, but I like to be sure!
Everything balm
Egyptian Magic is the best. You can use it on lips, face and body!
Hydrating serum
Hydraluron locks in all moisture (that the cabin pressure wants to take away)
Face Masks
I like to decant Sisley Black Rose Cream mask (for duration of flight) and Express 
Flower Gel mask (for an hour before landing). If someone special is picking you up,
you’ll want to look your best!
Hair volumising spray
Joico Flip Turn is great for giving you a bit of volume that has been lost while leaning
 on the back of a chair watching four films in a row…
I don’t normally pack the whole lot, perhaps a light BB cream, cream blush (to add some
colour back into your skin!) and mascara
Non beauty items I take are: a good book, sudoku puzzles, a pen and paper (ideas happen in
high altitude!), a sleep mask, a big water bottle (empty, to fill up on the plane), comfy

socks, scarf/blanket.

You can also see my vlog of my Sydney to London plane journey here.

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