Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 20, 2015



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It’s a routine we barely think (or talk) about, but we all have our own unique way.


After having read this article about how we each have a specific way of drying our body once
we’re out the shower, I got thinking about how this most normal of activities is something
we (probably) all do differently – without even thinking about it.
I guess it’s not your normal dinner party talk is it?
So David, what do you do in the shower?(!!)
This is what I do:
I wash my hair every other day, but I’ll wash my face first when I get into the shower. Then I’ll
apply shampoo, rinse it out, then another dose of shampoo and leave it in (this is my remedy
against thin/easily greasy hair) while I wash my body. After that I’ll maybe use conditioner,
but I just run it t through my hair with my hands and rinse it out immediately, I just do it so
my hair isn’t coarse. Sometimes I’ll apply a quick face mask if I’ve got time.
I always end my shower on freezing water to get my circulation going, I’ve had back problems
since childhood and this helps the blood move around my back more easily (plus I swear it gets
rid of cellulite) and makes the air outside of the shower feel warm rather than cold. I then (and I
think this is an unusual bit) scrap most of the water off my body with my hands and squeeze 
out my hair before I actually use a towel, this way the bath mat isn’t laden with water.
Sometimes I’ll apply body oil before properly drying with a towel, I find this keeps more
moisture in the skin.
Then I’ll dry my body, pat my face dry and wrap my hair in a towel.
So did that sounds really normal or super weird to you?  What do you do?
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The products I use in the shower are:


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