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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
September 7, 2015



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It feels good to be home.
Ten days ago I got back to Sydney. Flying from Brisbane, where I had spent the last 3
months working to complete my required regional work for my second year visa here in
Australia. It’s a short flight (just over an hour) and Sydney is still one of the most incredible
cities to fly into – the view! You can see the whole city, fly over the bridge and the Opera
House and of course the bright blue sea filling in all the gaps.

I was full of emotion when I landed and couldn’t wait to arrive back in Bondi to see, hug,
kiss and laugh with my friends. It felt like I had been dreaming of this moment for so long
I couldn’t quite believe it was really happening. I was elated, to say the least.

Just a few days later I felt the total opposite after being given a very short notice that I
needed to leave my flat. It was really one of those head-in-hands this can’t be happening
moments as all I wanted was to feel at home again. To have my own room, full of my
belongings and to feel on track again.

I stayed positive and fate (I think) rewarded me with a more than perfect solution, and so
I moved into my new, new flat. I’m typing now from my bed, and it’s a feeling we often
take for granted, having a place to call home – and the security it brings.

All this got me thinking more about the idea of Home that I’ve touched on before, and the
question What is Home to you? is even more poignant now due to the refugee crisis in
Europe. Hundreds and thousands of people – mothers, fathers, children – are having to
escape the war in Syria (and many other countries) and making their way to Europe,
only to be turned away and thousands have drowned trying to get there.

Now I know this is perhaps the first time I’ve ever spoken about politics and war on this
blog but what’s the point in having a platform of sorts if you can’t help others with it. I urge
you to read more about the crisis, and donate if you like.

And tonight when you’re going to sleep in your bed, knowing your family or friends are 
close and safe, think of those who aren’t so lucky, and who would happily sleep on the street
with their family just knowing that no bombs are going to drop, no guns will fire, and that they
are finally safe.

Tonight, smile knowing how small all the things we call ‘problems’ are.

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