Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
September 16, 2015



 photo Mecca Cosmetica Oromovicza Colbert MD_zpsbzkszuef.jpg
Finally! A place to buy RMS, Omorovicza, Colbert MD and more in Australia.

When I first moved to Sydney a year ago (I know! Where did all the time go?) I wanted 3
things: a Diptyque feu de bois candle, This Works pillow spray and a top up of my Nars
brow gel. I wanted the first two to make my very new flat feel more like home, and the
last one because #brows.

After having searched through a couple shops where I couldn’t find ANY of these, I luckily
stumbled across a Mecca Cosmetica. As I entered, and a smile spread across my face…

Ahhhhh phewwwww

The brands I had been looking for were all housed under one roof, and I swiftly became
what is now called a Mecca Beauty Junkie.

However, months later I found myself almost in the same situation after trying to source
products for RUSSH magazine. Incredible brands such as Omorovicza, Su-man and
Colbert MD were nowhere to be bought found here in Australia. That seems to be a thing 
with living in Australia, it’s just so far from everywhere.

And so when I first heard about Mecca Trove launching – I couldn’t wait! I’m lucky enough
to know about and have used many of the brands it’s introducing, but the idea behind Trove
is exactly that: to help Mecca girls in Australia discover all the incredible brands that
aren’t/weren’t available here yet and get ‘the next big thing’ in beauty to all Aussie girls,
too. Who are, no doubt tired of missing out due to their geographical location.
I decided to shoot some of my favourites, which include the cult classic Omorovicza
thermal cleansing balm, the Colbert MD facial disks, Essence 27 from Cosmetics 27
and Une Nuit a Bali‘s creme de corps which smells like heaven (wait, that’s Bali right?)
on earth.
 photo Mecca Cosmetica Essence 27_zpsi99knjlm.jpg
 photo Mecca Cosmetica Une Nuit a Bali_zpselaipkwz.jpg


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