Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
November 12, 2015



 photo ginsberg is god bella freud_zpsrckocv0u.jpg
On my dresser right now.
I like getting a new perfume when it feels like I’m going into a new phase of my life, and I’d
been eyeing up the Ginsberg is God from Bella Freud for several months now – not only does
the bottle look impossibly chic, the perfume smells of books, frankincense and black pepper:
not for the faint hearted. It’s become my staple everyday scent. Plus I love that people ask me
what it is, as it’s such an unusual fragrance (I urge you to pop into Mecca and give it a whirl).
Now I just need the matching sweater.
A new addition to my night time routine is the Skinceuticals Renew Overnight, which is a
moisturiser that targets congested skin and fine lines by gently exfoliating throughout the
night and making me wake up radiant.
I’ve been in and out of the sea since the weather’s warmed up and I love the look and feel of
salty hair – apart from how tangly it makes me hair. So instead I’ve been mimicking the look
on salt-free hair with Evo’s water killer dry shampoo and haze styling powder. The
volume and texture are there, plus I can run my hand through it!
 photo evo hair water killer dry shampoo_zpsu214ib7b.jpg

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