Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
November 16, 2015



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How to create envy inducing eyebrows.

I’m a big brow person, in both senses of the word. I’m all about brows, and I like them big.

Of course I had those teenage years (didn’t we all) where I discovered tweezers and found
plucking as many hairs away a great pass time but luckily one day I finally listened to
my older sister’s advice and put.the.tweezers.down. 

Nowadays, my eyebrows are my thing. I don’t let anyone else touch them. They’re my pride
and joy. Since I often get asked about them I thought it high time I did a post about my 
favourite brow products and how I use them.

First things first: pluck as little as possible. Or rather, pluck away the smallest amount of
hairs possible, just the odd ones that distract from the brow shape should be taken away.
Like I said: the bigger the better.

I have a whole array of pencils and gels that I use, but the ones I’m using are the 
Chantecaille waterproof brow definer (which I found very similar to my trusty Tom
Ford one that finally ran out), it has a tilted pencil which creates a perfect hair rather than
a more traditional pencil. Speaking of which, I recently discovered the Tom Ford brow 
sculpting kit which has two blendable colours and a setting wax along with a handy
dual brush – pretty much everything you could ask for.

Another favourite is the Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place lift duo, one end
shapes and defines the brow while the lighter colour brightens and lifts. Very clever.

To create a thicker looking brow, the Clinique Just Browsing brush-on styling mousse
is great and surprisingly easy to use! Sometimes if I’m in a rush, I’ll use this on it’s own.

And last but not least: eyebrow gel. At the moment I’m using the Chantecaille full brow 
perfecting gel, but another great one is the NARS brow gel.


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