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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
December 10, 2015



 photo The Boathouse Palm Beach_zpsgvrlw2r5.jpg
Visiting the Northern beaches and finding heaven.I’ve been meaning to do a load of mini road trips since getting back to Sydney but as ever life
takes over and plans like that can be hard to follow through on. However a couple of weeks
ago we managed to fit it in.

The sun was shining while we drove from Bondi to Avalon in just over an hour, where we
had our first dip and tan (although it was so hot we opted for shade most of the day). After
we were beached out we headed even further north to Palm Beach where we decided to visit
the famous Boathouse for a glass of rosé. We figured since the heat was now soaring way
above 40 degrees – it was the only thing to do on a Friday afternoon…

It’s easy to see why it’s become such a well renowned place – with an incredible view of the
surrounding beaches, boats and parachutes passing by, fresh produce, great wine and delicious
fish and chips. We made plans to head back with a group of friends for a soirée very soon.

I’m very excited to be heading to Mauritius for Christmas and New Year – make sure you
follow me on Snapchat @emmahoareau to see all my terrible packing adventures!

 photo The Boathouse Palm Beach._zpsvpxpii95.jpg
 photo the-boathouse-cafe_zpszvdis7rb.png
 photo The Boathouse Palm Beach the view_zps0aqrgwfk.jpg
 photo The Boathouse Palm Beach Sydney_zpsdsjmjbmc.jpg
 photo The Boathouse Palm Beach jetty_zpskgky4bu9.jpg
 photo IMG_2729_zpsv7a2zdmj.jpg
 photo IMG_2650_zpsbowtgnnc.jpg
 photo afternoon-drinks-at-the-boathouse_zpsudkciqby.png
 photo IMG_2666_zpsa7iyjnal.jpg
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