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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
December 1, 2015



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My new studio space and more on what life as a freelancer is like.

It’s the most common of questions: what do you do for work?

And yet, I always have trouble answering it.
I’m a photographer – freelance – and I run a website – a blogger of sorts… 

People nod and yet their brow looks confused.

“Photographer” itself can mean a variety of things, and let’s be honest, anyone can “run a
website” nowadays, so it’s no real surprise that people don’t get immediately what I do.

This is why I wanted to show you more of what I do everyday, and this of
course begins with my workspace: my office-come-studio that I go to everyday… It’s very
close to home. Ok, it’s in my home, it’s our sunroom in fact. Great light, white walls and 
full of plants aka my dream office. (And no, sadly the surfboard isn’t mine. I do live by
the beach, but I haven’t conquered the waves quite yet…)

I use it as a space where I sit and do my emails, shoot some of my posts and try to keep products organised. This wasn’t always the case, up until a month ago I did emails from the comfort of my bed (the worst thing to do for your back)
and had trouble distinguishing work projects from the mess of my bedroom. It feels
like a proper divide to have a room dedicated to all things work – whatever exactly that is…
where I can have my calendar and planners ready, camera on hand and most importantly,
a place where I can leave at the end of the day #freelanceproblems.

Over the next couple of months I’ll be showing you more days in the life of what I do,
whether it’s for this blog, my photography or any other work I do.

So for now take a look…


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