Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
January 8, 2016




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January: the month we reflect on the past and set goals for the future.
Well not this year, not for me. 


Instead I’m thinking of now, what do I know right now? And what can I draw from
these ramblings as hints on what to be focusing on in 2016.

A few things I know to be true…

– A shot of apple cider vinegar every morning makes me have closer-to-perfect skin (read:
90% less breakouts)

– Pilates makes my back hurt less (extra bone!) (yep) (ex-gymnast!)

Expensive candles make me happy. Sorry, not sorry

– Shirts are my new t-shirt

– I love my black sandals and will wear them till they literally fall off my feet

Travel is exciting, I love watching the world from the plane window – whether it’s a
beautiful pink sunset or the raindrops flashing like diamonds during turbulence

– I will always own 3 too many serums/cleansers/creams… even if I’ve just had a sort out
and decided I’m going to be super minimal from now on

– I like getting up early

– I love lie-ins

– When I take a beautiful photo, my day is complete

– Sunscreen is good for my (future) skin (and yours!)

– I love the satisfying feeling of completing a good manicure – gold star! But yeah, I don’t 
need a box full of colours since I always use the same 3…

– It’s important to leave the screens behind, make a cup of tea and read a great book or
article. Everything feels so much better after. (Thanks to literally being stranded on a 
desert island this Christmas for reminding me of that)

– If I’m happy, I’ll look good (because I don’t give a shit about the flaws when I’m happy;
look at my smiiiiiile ūüėÄ )

– The imperfections create perfection

Jo Malone boxes are too pretty to chuck out

– Always take a hat to the beach

– I love to organise things (and write lists!) (like this one!)

– I love buying flowers for myself

– I love going to the cinema by myself

– Sunshine on my face makes me happy (even if it’s freezing cold outside)

– Meditation makes me a better/happier/calmer person (and Headspace is the way to go)

– I can’t get enough of rose gold and blush tones at the moment, hence the colour scheme
of this post.

2016 is going to be a hell of a year, I just know it!
I hope you’re feeling the same way too.


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