Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
April 8, 2016



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The definitive guide to skincare in your twenties: what you should be using and how often.

You can’t really call anti-ageing anti-ageing in your twenties, it’s more preventative than
correcting. What you’ve got to do now is put in the groundwork that you (and your skin) will
thank yourself for another twenty years down the line. Your trying to give your skin good
habits, the right protection and all the nourishment it needs.

As you get further into your twenties you’ll begin to see more signs of ageing (duh). My friends
often ask me what they should be doing now to slow the ageing process. My response is the 
two biggest things: sunscreen and eye cream. If you’ve got those down, you’ll be ahead of the
pack by the time you hit 30. Plus, make sure you clenase properly – your skincare won’t work
if there’s still a layer of make-up or dirt on your skin. (I haven’t included cleansers in this 
post because it’s not just ageing that they help, but for good skin all round, at any age!)

I’ve put the important bits into five sections:
Protection, Serum, Exfoliation, Eye Cream and Nourishment. 
Below them is a description of why this is important, how often you should be using
products for this, and my top picks.

Eye Cream

Often the first area that gives way to age is the skin around your eyes. It’s made of thinner,
more sensitive skin and thus is more prone to early weathering. The best way to prevent crows
feet and sagging is by applying a small amount (less is really more here, both with the amount
of product and the gentle way in which you apply it) around your eyes both morning and night.
Don’t forget!
When? AM + PM
Top Picks: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel,
Skinceuticals Eye Balm, Dr Jart Time Returning Eye Cream


Again, so easy to do that people think it’s pointless. But seriously, no matter if you live in
Sydney or London, you should be applying SPF everyday. Yes, even when it’s cloudy.
Sun and environmental damage is a huge part of ageing, and not just when you’re at the
beach! (N.B. those foundations that have SPF15 in don’t count). You should use an
antioxidant serum that neutralises free radicals (that’s stress, smoke and UV) in the morning
before applying your skincare and then a UVA and UVB sunscreen before your makeup.

When? AM
Top Picks: Skinceuticals UV Defense SPF 30, Skinceuticals Phloretin CF


There’s a big misconception that moisturiser somehow helps to moisturise your skin, I’ll
forgive you for the confusion due to its name, but moisturiser doesn’t in fact moisturise
the skin – it just helps to stop any moisture from escaping. To actually hydrate your skin
(while getting rid of dead skin cells) you’ll need a serum. Serums can penetrate deeper layers
of the skin and give you a much better result that moisturiser alone. I love to use a light
serum in the morning, and a targeted evening serum at night.

When? AM + PM
Top Picks: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, Olay Miracle Boost, Estée Lauder ANR


This is very important to keep your skin in tip top condition at all times, and it makes sense
why: having layers and layers of dead skin cells mean 1) your skin will look dull and lack
any glow 2) most products you use won’t work as they can’t penetrate through 10 layers of
dead skin.
This does not, however, mean that you should scrub your face till it’s red every morning
and evening. I much prefer using chemical exfoliants (don’t be scared of chemicals guys;
that’s what our skin is made of!) which are actually a lot more gentle on the skin. Do this
2/3 times a week and you’ll see an improvement in radiance almost immediately, plus that
eye cream and serum will love you for making their job easier.

When? 2/3 times a week.
Top Picks: Colbert MD Tone Control Facial Discs, Omorovicza Radiance Renewal Serum,
Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Medi Spa Peel (no more than 1 peel a week).


Just like we nourish our bodies with water and good foods, we should also nourish our skin.
I like to think of this part as the treat for you skin – give it a load of goodness and it will
happily respond by staying glowing and plump. There are lots of beautiful, rich creams
you can slather your skin in at night, or masks you can use to give your skin some real loving.
This is something that should feel as luxurious and rewarding for the mind as the skin.

When? PM
Top Picks: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules, Nivea Q10 plus, La Prairie Cellular Swiss
Ice Crystal Cream, Estée Lauder Nutritious Vitality8 Emulsion, Elemis Pro Intense Night
Masks: Embryolisse Hydra-Masque, La Mer Intensive Revitalizing Mask, Estée Lauder ANR
foil mask, SK-II Signs Eye Mask

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