Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
May 23, 2016



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The products I’m currently testing…

Blue Moon by Sunday Riley (from Mecca Cosmetica)

Anyone who knows me (and that’s you guys who read the blog!) knows I’m a sucker for a
cleanser. Mainly because I’m a sucker for cleansing. Feeling clean and washing my
make-up off signals the end of the day and the beginning of my night time skincare ritual
regime aka my favourite time of day (unless, of course, I had Nutella crepes for breakfast).
I’ve always been a fan of Sunday Riley and have used the Juno face oil for years so I was
intrigued to try the new Blue Moon cleanser. Happily, I wasn’t let down – the balm turns
into oil on the face and soothes the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated, but not oily. My
new numero uno.

vitamin C24 by Indeed Labs

I’m forever finding new serums that brighten my skin and will help prevent and repair sun damage,
so Vitamin C is a must in the ingredients list. Like all Indeed Labs products, this little tube was full
of goodness, a pleasure to use and showed results – win!

Hydrablur Primer by Dermalogica

The latest launch from Dermalogica doesn’t disappoint. Aimed at minimising the appearance of
fine lines and pores before applying make-up, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t also dull
the look of the skin and in fact gave a luminous finish.

In Transit Camera Close up by This Works (from Mecca Cosmetica)


…and mask, and primer! This all-in-one from This Works boasts hyaluronic acid (much hydration),
plant oils and even a big hit of caffeine to really boost your skins overall appearance and feel. It
is indeed, the best thing to use before any kind of photo taking.


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