Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
May 9, 2016



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The new season’s most exciting launches (and you might just be adding a few to your wishlist)

May is the month of changing things up – in the Northern hemisphere Spring has officially
sprung, the blossoms are blooming and the promise of summer is around. Here in Aus, the
autumn leaves are falling, the air is getting crisper and jackets are a thing again.

My point is: wherever you are – the temperature is changing which means it’s time to change
up your beauty routine. There are some exciting launches this month, too, so I thought I’d
take you through those.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard and seen the new Lancôme Juicy 
Shakers, designed with nourishing lip oils that still pack a punch of pigment when applied
with the soft sponge wand. They’re the Juicy Tubes of this generation. Also new this month
is the MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 foundation, which comes with it’s very own brush
– made to compliment the product and giving you the perfect application everytime. MAC
have also launched their Brows Are It! collection which has everything under the sun you
could possibly need for your browns, favourites of mine are the Big Brow Pencil and
Brow Duo palette.


In terms of bodycare, it’s time to amp things up when the weather is changing and give your body
and skin what it needs. I’ve been adding the Inner Beauty Powder from The Beauty Chef into
my smoothie every morning. Full of nutrients, plant proteins, super fruits and vegetables,
alkalising greens, probiotics, vitamins and green tea it’s been curbing my sugar cravings
and supporting my metabolism and immune system. Basically: this is the shit and you need
it in your life.


There’s lots of exciting things happening in May in the skincare world and the most exciting
launch (or launches I should say – there’s TWO!) are from La Prairie. You may have seen
the incredible event and facial I was invited to on instagram or snapchat (if not: follow
along @emmahoareau) a month or so ago. Well, these are the products that we were being
shown. Both new additions to the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Range, they’re targeting the
first signs of ageing. First, the new Ice Crystal Serum which rejuvenates and replenishes the
skin to help maintain the look of younger skin.
Secondly, combining the benefits of skincare, colour and sun protection into on product is
the Ice Crystal Transforming Cream SPF 30 which is an oil free complexion correcting
moisturiser. I know these products are expensive and can’t fit into a lot of people’s budgets.
But for me I know I want to have the best skin possible now and later in life, and I truly think
they’re worth saving up for – it’ll cost you a lot less to prevent a problem than correct it.

I’m planning some exciting trips this year and I love the idea of the new mini travel range
from Frank Body aka The Grind High Club, made specially for  holidays when you
don’t want to pack your large coffee scrub bag (and risk it exploding in your suitcase).
Not only leaving you with smooth skin, these coffee scrubs are great for the circulation and
just what you need at this time of year to refresh your complexion.


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