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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
June 29, 2016



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Less household chore, more relaxing detox.
Although it may sound like a new kind of household chore, lymphatic drainage is actually a
very relaxing experience that is all about taking time for yourself, detoxing and resetting
your system.
Lymph make up 75% of the body, and a healthy lymphatic system and lymphatic circulation
will help drain the body of toxins and fats and strengthen the immune system.
So how does it work?
I tried out the Lymphatic Body Drainage at Bioty Spa in Bondi, which is a massage that
combines the benefits of Chinese medicine acupuncture and French lymphatic drainage
technique. The process improves blood circulation by promoting lymph flow, eliminating 
toxins and stimulating the body’s immune system.

The process took just over an hour for the whole body, and then I was also treated to a
facial lymphatic massage to drain built up toxins from my face (which is particularly
incredible around the eye contour area!)

As part of the Rejuvenating and Lifting Treatment, Déborah – who owns the spa and
specialises in all things lymph – uses a manual and firm lifting massage to stimulate all the
facial Chinese meridians and points to lift and rejuvenate the face, neck and décolletage.
This prevents and treats wrinkles and facial sagging.

I’ve never tried anything like this before (apart from my own kind of facial massages at home!)
and it was really interesting to know the processes behind it – for example, on arrival Déborah
did a full analysis of my skin, complexion and personality which gave her my Chinese base 
element and helps her know which pressure points I, personally, need to have focused on.

She is also an advocate for natural and organic skincare, which she uses throughout all the
treatments. The Josiane Laure products used throughout are high in qualitative ingredients,
remineralising and moisturising thanks to seaweed, clays and oils. I’ve been using the white clay
mask and moisturising fluid for the past couple of weeks since the treatments and I’ve noticed
a huge change in my skin, which I was told lacked lots of minerals that many brands leave

These treatments were so much more than just ‘treatments’ and felt more like experiences
(you’ll know if you’re one of my friends I couldn’t stop talking to them about!) that focus on
clearing the body and mind.

You can find out more about Bioty Spa here. 


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