Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
October 3, 2016



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Goodbye dehydrated skin.

My number one concern when travelling is keeping my skin hydrated. Long plane journeys are of course the biggest culprit here, but so is sunshine, sea salt and lack of water (guilty!)

On my latest trip I made sure to pack REN skincare’s latest launch: Flash Hydro Boost.

When I landed in New York (in my dream bathroom at the Ludlow Hotel) I gave it a go immediately. My first thought was how easy it was to use, you just apply it to the face and neck, then add water to the finger tips which you then massage into the skin – quite literally hydrating your skin! The product then fully absorbs and leaves you with dewy, bright skin that shows no signs of the 11 hour journey you just made.

It’s seemingly miraculous affects are thanks to its ingredients of Hyaluronic acid and Xylitol which work together to draw in the water, maximise moisture levels and plump the skin.

I’ve got the feeling this is going to become the first thing I pack on future travels.


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 photo ren hydro boost_zpsjje9k8dw.jpg



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