Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
November 21, 2016



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How to fight pigmentation and add radiance.


Living in the Aussie sun for two years certainly didn’t help with any pigmentation I had.
It’s not that I have a huge amount of visible pigmentation, but little signs here and there rearing their heads to let me know it’s there and will likely develop over time. I wear SPF everyday (yes, even in England!) and of course always did in Sydney, but there’s just some things you can’t completely protect yourself against other than hiding in the shade the whole time and I love the feeling of sun on my skin too much for that. Life is for living, after all.
Over the past year I’ve really upped my game in terms of using a serum that will help reduce and/or prevent the damage. These 4 are my favourites.
Oil free and ideal for sensitive skin, this serum evens the skin tone and hydrates for a glowing complexion.
A really lightweight, highly active treatment that combats hyper-pigmentation (that’s dark spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone). I love the texture of this one too, as it absorbs really fast so I don’t have to wait around to put on my cream.
Great for turning around dull, bored skin. The addition of Vitamin C in the product means your skin is super charged and you’re left with a bright, clear skin tone.
An incredible serum that is smart enough to understand your skins past and therefore change it for a better future. For me, it targeted uneven skin tone and added radiance. I also love the Clinique Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer that fights dark spots head on.
As well as my face I like to rub the extra amount of product into my hands – as this is so often where we’ll have sun damage.
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