HELLO 2017.

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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
January 12, 2017


HELLO 2017.

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Hello 2017, goodbye 2016.2016 was by all accounts a bad year (let’s not go into all the reasons why – it would take hours) but
it had it’s high points too. Personally, 2016 is the year I managed to start working for myself and
making a living from my photography, writing and blog. It had been a dream of mine for years and
for it to become a reality felt really good, and I even felt a little proud of myself.

I left my beloved sunny Bondi shore to return to England in July, and as hard as it was I now just
about feel like I’m ‘back home’ in London. My god I miss the sun and the people, but I also missed
London’s grit and all the history we’re surrounded by.

I travelled to some incredible countries, starting the year off in Mauritius, visiting Western 
Australia in February which was a dream come true, then, after heading back to England in July
I visited my new nephew in Moscow and then shipped off to the sunny shores of Mexico, made
a pit stop in the sweaty city of New York before returning to Paris, back to where it all began.

Not a bad year of travel, by any accounts, and I’m so glad I started to shoot the beauty content on
this site how I’ve always wanted to – interwoven with travel and places and ingredients. After
all – beauty products are so intrinsically linked to nature or art and have such big histories that
you can always see in the pot in front of you. The ingredients of a cream, the heritage of a 
brand or the inspiration for a makeup collection fascinate me just as much as trying out 
a product does. I hope that comes across in the content I shoot for you. Speaking of which,
these are the places top of my list for 2017

I’ve been dreaming of visiting the Blue Lagoon for years, and now that I’m back in Europe it seems
like the perfect time – but I’m going to wait for summer to take advantage of the long days!

Again, a long time at the top of my list it seems almost odd that I’ve never made it there. But now
that my cousin has moved to San Francisco, from New York, and my other cousin resides in San
Diego… there’s no excuse to not go and get lost in the right direction in the States.

I’ve been meaning to visit since university and now that I’m living a little closer this it top of my
list for summer (in particular I want to go and check out Obonjan).

Yes, I went in 2016 but I would love to visit the east coast this time and dive into the blue waters
of Tulum.

Alongside travel in 2017, I want to keep pushing myself to work harder in terms of setting myself
smaller goals (yearly goals are easy as you can be so broad and hopeful, but I find weekly goals
much harder to set and achieve). I’d love to know what your goals/achievements/travel destinations
are for the year ahead so do let me know over on instagram!


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