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Emma Hoareau
January 30, 2017



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A lesson in heritage, courtesy of Elizabeth Arden.
You might have seen on instagram that I was recently invited to stay at the incredible Babington
House with Elizabeth Arden. What were we there to celebrate? Heritage.

Elizabeth Arden is a heritage brand, in that so many of the products and services available to us
now by countless brands originally began thanks to her. She was the first to open spas in the
States and also the first to develop the use of capsules of skincare – which meant you didn’t need
to use preservatives, as the capsule keeps everything air tight. This was first used to develop the
Ceramide Capsules over 25 years ago, and they’re still a Global Best Seller today and have won
over 135 awards worldwide. That’s quite the resumé to start, but they’ve somehow managed to
make them even better and created the Advanced Ceramide Capsules.

So what are ceramides?
Ceramides exist in the skin to bind skin cells together, and thus keep the skin looking healthy
and plump. As we get older, the amount of ceramides we naturally produce drops at rapid rates and
this is what gives skin an older look. As much as we can use other skincare to counteract other ageing
issues, the only thing that will help to replenish the ceramides is actual ceramides! Therefore,
it’s really important to use them as part of a daily routine (especially if you’re hitting your 30’s where
there’s a 38% drop in production!)

I got to use the new version during my stay (and have been since!) and love using capsules because
you know you’ve got the right amount of product as it’s already been measured out, and I’m
looking forward to using them on a trip as I can just take as many as I need, rather than a whole pot
of product.



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