Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
February 6, 2017




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How to combat dry and thirsty skin this winter.
Does anyone else find that the mix of cold weather and central heating has a dehydrating effect
on their skin? Of course you do, it’s your skin’s natural reaction to changing temperature.But, did you know that moisturiser doesn’t moisturise the skin? Maybe not.
I mean, it’s easy to get confused, I’ll give you that. Moisturiser just keeps any moisture already
present in the skin from getting away. That’s why you need to use a serum as part of your
skincare regime in the morning and the evening to actually add hydration to the skin.
And then to keep that hydration in, you follow with a cream.

Knowing all that is the easy part, finding the right serum for yourself is the tricky bit. There’s
quite a few on the market and most not cheap, either. So I’m here to tell you that the new
Hydra-Boost Serum from ELEMIS is your guy. Not only does it work on all skin types, but it
keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day thanks to its ingredients of néré seed, hyaluronic
acid, quinic acid and nourishing dhatelo oil which hydrate the skin and then form a protective
barrier to maintain the skin’s natural defence systems.

For me, hydration is what I look for in a lot of my skincare as I know most skin issues stem
from dehydrated skin, so giving it a big drink of the Hydra Boost serum is exactly what it needs –
and in fact, using it in conjunction with the ELEMIS Hydra Boost Day Cream has been clinically 
proven to improve hydration by 77%! It’s no wonder my skin is feeling soft, hydrated and
healthy again.

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this post was created in collaboration with Elemis