Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
April 6, 2017




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My dewy and natural everyday makeup routine.

I get asked a lot about what makeup I wear everyday. I know I normally share more skincare
based stories so I thought I’d do a post about the makeup brands I love and use. This is my
casual, everyday look, rather than glammed up for an event – basically, a dewy, natural look.

I use a great radiance primer to add a bit of colour and glow to my skin, then use one of my
foundations (either a light or full coverage). If I’ve got a few breakouts, I’ll cover with my
new favourite concealer. I recently discovered a foundation brush to rival all foundation
brushes – even my blender! And of course, a powder to finish – but this isn’t a cakey one, in
fact I think it even adds glow while getting rid of shine. Even so, I’m still addicted to
highlighter thanks to this guy.

I sort of fell out of love with blush a year or so ago, but over the last few months it’s been my
go to for adding life to my skin. This cream blush is incredible as it blends right into the skin
and you can never really overdo it. I recently went on holiday so my skin is quite tan, and I’ve
been adding to the colour with a new bronzer which has made me fall in love with powder
bronzers again.

I don’t like to overdo my eyes for everyday. I’m always shooting so I find lots of eye makeup
gets in the way of me and the camera and gets messed up quickly. Recently I’ve even been
going mascara and brow pencil free (as in these photos here), and just opt for brow gel and a
cream colour. No fuss.
If I do want to add some definition, I’ve used this brow pencil for years thanks to it’s amazingly
precise shape – and I love this double sided mascara.

Once I’m done, I fix my look with a mist. And I always carry a refreshing or hydrating mist
(this one smells insanely good, too) with me so my makeup never looks tired.



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