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Emma Hoareau
April 24, 2017



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You’ll need more than a moisturiser.
Did you know that a moisturiser doesn’t moisturise your skin?That’s right! So slapping on endless amounts of it when your skin is dry isn’t going to make much
of a difference. Below, I’ve outlined the four most important steps in your skincare routine to
have plump, hydrated skin.

A treatment you can do once or twice a week to give you a serious hydration hit. The new range
from Perricone MD uses hydrogen as it’s lighter than water and more easily absorbed into the
skin, resulting in better hydration.

Great to use in the day to freshen thirsty skin, but also great to use before applying serum as it
is more easily absorbed when applied to slightly damp skin. This one from Sukin does a great
job without a hefty price tag.

If you’re going to spend money, it’s on a serum. Why? Because serum is a thin enough product
to get to the deeper layers of your skin, and properly hydrate and treat the skin rather than sitting
on the top layer and not being able to do anything. This is also why it’s important to clean you
face properly, as if you don’t you’r serum might not make it past the dirt and dead skin cells
blocking it’s passage. The new Remedies range from Bobbi Brown let’s you pick a targeted
serum for any skin concern.

You use a cream to lock all the above hydration in, and stop any moisture leaving your skin,
rather than actually adding any. A firm favourite of mine is the Hydrabio Creme from 
Bioderma which is no nonsense, effective moisturiser.


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