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Emma Hoareau
May 23, 2017




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9 under-the-radar skincare brands you need to know about.
It’s sometimes easy to forget that not everyone works in beauty. This may sound silly, but
when you’re constantly reading and writing up on it, testing out new products and meeting
founders of beauty brands there’s a certain removal from  knowing what most people’s
standard knowledge on the subject is.
Sometimes I’ll start talking about a brand I assume everyone knows (because I LOVE IT so
everyone else must right?) and my friends look at me blankly. This was happening to me so
often recently that I decided to share some of the smaller players that are just as good – if
not even better – than the household names.From glow giving supplements to clear spray tans, these are the not so well known brands
that I predict will soon be mega-players in the beauty world.THE NUE 
what it is: a series of supplement powders you can add to drinks and food, created to bring clarity
to the sometimes confusing supplements market and inspired by the Danish principles of simplicity
and creativity.
why it’s good: Using only powerful organic ingredients, these products pack a punch in just a
teaspoon. I’ve been using the Skin Food for glowing skin and Energy Food to keep my energy
level sustained.
where to buy: here

what it is: a luxury french skincare brand that specialises in anti aging. I grew up in Paris and
this is one of the go-to brands for wrinkles.
why it’s good: the products are based around extensive research into anti aging and how to
prevent and correct it. Even better: book yourself in for a Carita facial which is dubbed an
‘alternative to cosmetic surgery’ because it’s that good. Mixing micro currents and LED
technology, you’ll be advised which products you need afterwards.
where to buy: here.

what it is: known for their speedy (15 minutes!) and effective laser treatments, the brand also
has their own skincare line to complement these.
why it’s good: Especially great for those looking to tackle breakouts and/ or aging, the products
are a fresh take on beauty – for those who want results in little time. I’ve been using the Extra 
Deep Cleanser which purifies the skin without drying it out.
where to buy: here.

what it is: the German doctor known for her minimally invasive cometic therapies and cosmetic
spa treatments that target deep skin layers and anti aging has created her own line of skincare
which is simply but ever so effective.
why it’s good: with her knowledge and expertise, the line has everything you need to combat
aging at any age. I’ve been using the Hyaluronic Ampoules over the past 3 days and I can
already see a difference in my skin plumpness, plus the Calming Serum for my sensitive skin.
where to buy: here.

what it is: celebrity facialist Su-man used natural ingredients she couldn’t find on the market
while marrying the best of East and West skincare philosophies, for an ideal balance of prevention
and correction in skincare. She wants to spread the love of skincare being a ritual not a chore.
Hear, hear.
why it’s good: the products are simple and effective, and made for giving you that post facial
glow. I’m in love with the Rehydrating Toning Essence that I apply directly after cleansing.
where to buy:here.

what it is: a new way of tanning. Having patented ‘Transparent Tanning’ technology which uses
water based products with no harsh chemicals, this is basically amazing skincare which happens
to also give you a just came back from holiday glow.
why it’s good: no fuss (or streaks!). As the Water and Mousse are clear products, you don’t have
to worry about staining your bathroom floor. I also love the ease of adding a few Tanning Drops 
into my usual moisturiser.
where to buy:here.

what it is: centred around the amazing healing properties of French green clay which the founder
discovered while she was recovering from cancer, the skincare line makes the most of it’s power.
why it’s good: the products also contain incredibly potent raw actives that boost the skin with
nutrients and antioxidants to slow down the aging process. The Super 7 Elixir serum prompts
cells renewal for a plumper look while also helping to heal sun damaged skin.
where to buy: here.

what it is: a natural skincare brand based around the Five Element Theory from Traditional
Chinese Medicine. Everything in life needs to work together to achieve equilibrium. Made
in England and free from artifical scent, paraben preservatives and mineral oils.
why it’s good: you get to do a test on the website to find out which element you are (here) to
find out which element and therefore skincare range is best suited to you. I’ve been using the
Perfect Balance Moisturiser which is great when I’m breaking out as it balances oil secretion.
where to buy: here.

what it is: probiotic skincare is set to be a big trend this year – and this is the first skincare brand
to market probiotics in every product.
why it’s good: probiotic skincare helps you skin regain it’s natural balance (much like a probiotics
supplement who do to your gut) and are great for calming inflammation. I’ve been using HydraGlow 
Cream Oil and Nourishing Gel to Oil Cleanser.
where to buy:here.

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