Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
May 4, 2017




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Making scents of bad puns.

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I try not to be a hoarder. Even though Hoareau the Hoarder does have a ring to it. I move country
house quite often, so I like to think I’m good at cutting back on things I don’t need and try to be
as minimal as I can. (N.B. think and try)

However, if there’s one area where I will happily add to without a moments thought, it’s scents.
It makes scents that smells are linked to our memory as we have over 1000 different smell
receptors in that clever brain of ours. So many in fact, most are impossible to describe because
they are so personal to us. Olfactory memory is constantly at work – when we smell a new scent
we link it to a current event, person or moment – one which is rarely forgotten. Therefore, I here
present to you good choices to make when linking current events in your life to new scents.
It’ll all make sense soon.


TOM FORD sole di positano 
Continuing on the roadtrip of Tom Ford perfumes, the newest addition to the collection is inspired
by the bright colours and fresh citrus fruits of Positano, with a side of Italian bergamot. If you want
to get in the holiday mood, this is the one. HERE

As part of their portraits series, Yasmine is the seducer with a mission. The scent is as bold as
she is, perfect for an adventurous evening. HERE

JO MALONE star magnolia 
Centred around spring’s white blossoms in bloom, it’s a delicate mix of magnolia and orange
blossom. Plus, the white paper flower as part of the packaging makes it stand out from the
crowd. HERE

FREDERIC MALLE french lover
If the name doesn’t already make you want to try it, I don’t know what will. It’s what made me
pick up this masculine scent – and it doesn’t disappoint you how french men only canHERE

Full of contrasts, this scent should be totally overbearing – but it’s cleverly not. Mixing oriental
florals  with a woody amber creates just the right balance, and is surely why it’s become a cult
classic. HERE

SISLEY izia 
The newest addition to the Sisley perfume range, this one is a stand out. Unlike any that have
come before, this Sisley scent is distinguished and unforgettable. A powdery rose is the best
way I can think to describe it. HERE


BYREDO safran
A warm, welcoming scent that makes you want to never leave the house. Mixing saffron and
black pepper on a base of patchouli, vanilla and amber – I think this may be my favourite
Byredo ever. Yes, EVER. HERE

With an impressive talent at creating scents that smell like the most specific things (see Movie 
Theatre, Vinyl Store and Rainy Days in Lake District) the founder Rami Mekdachi has blended
all the beautiful worlds of music, photography and scent together for this brand. My favourite is
Surf Shop, no surprise – it takes me back to Bondi in one whiff. HERE

Despite trying, I am sadly not green fingered. I act more like an overbearing mother and care
too much, over watering… it’s awful. That’s why when I smelt this candle’s deep indian jasmine
notes, I couldn’t resist. I’ll have no more dying jasmine plants, but can always smell the scent.
Win, win. HERE

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