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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 30, 2017



The best spots in town for a glow-to-go.
It’s no secret I’m a total skincare junkie, and I love learning about all the ingredients that go
into nourishing my skin at home. But some things can’t be done alone, and it’s important to know
you can trust a professional to explain more about your skin and how to properly look after it –
there’s always more to learn! Here I’ve listed my favourite places to pop into for a skin overhaul.


How often should you have a facial? I say once a month is a great place to start, if that proves
too expensive then every 2/3 months is fine. Think of it as a skin reset. You don’t want to have
them too often as this can do more harm than good by overly stimulating the skin.
Good for: sensitive skin SOS
About: Focusing on scientifically led, natural ingredients and technology, this is a soothing, collagen
 boosting treatment which also decreases inflammation. Also incorporating live probiotics to
improve the skin function and structure.
My experience: I felt in such safe hands here, and my therapist was knowledgable and talked me
through each stage of what she was using and why. I left with deeply nourished skin, and somehow
it looked even better the next day. A new favourite spot for me.
More here.


Good for: pre party complexion clearing
About: With 40 years experience treating the A list of Hollywood, you know you’re in safe hands
here. The signature treatment was first introduced in 1972 and combines skilled extractions (with
a dry heat used to open pores rather than steam) and finished with a Vitamin C and Zinc mask to
improve skin tone and a clearer complexion.
My experience: Even after almost an hour of extractions my skin wasn’t red of blotchy, and in
fact looked clearer than it has for a long time.
More here.


Good for: learning more about your skin
About: At the start of any Elemis treatment you will receive a scan of your skin to show you
sun damage, pores, sensitivity, dehydration  and fine lines. Not only does this let your therapist
know what to work on, but it quite literally shows you the aspects you need to work on. With
BIOTEC you can brighten, renew, lift and erase – and the treatment is totally tailored to your
My experience: Visual confirmation of just how sensitive my skin is and a great (gentle!)
resurfacing of the skin to help downsize my pores and add hydration.
More here.


Good for: rebalancing the skin
About: Biologique Recherche is one of my favourite French brands. Taking a clinical approach to
all things skincare, they have some of the most effective products I have ever tried. You need to
have a consultation before you buy any of the products and I think having a bespoke facial is a
great way to try out the products and see just how effective they can be. I chose the Soin Lissant
facial which reconditions sensitive or stressed skin.
My experience: I knew the products used would fit my specific skin type and concerns thanks to
the skin assessment at the beginning of the treatment. Alongside lymphatic drainage techniques to
rid the skin and muscles of toxins, an electric pulse machine (not as scary as it sounds!) was used
 to make sure the products and masks used were being fully absorbed into the skin, right down to
the deepest layer.
More here.


QMS Medicosmetics Urban Repair with Oxygen Boost at Liberty London , £80
Good for:
revitalising and balancing dull skin
The techniques used in this are designed to help stimulate collagen and help minimise scarring and is a great anti-pollution treatment that is great for anyone living in the city. Each treatment is tailored to your needs and include a tension relieving deep tissue massage (yes – on your face!) which helps detoxify the skin, too. An enzymatic peel to remove dead skin cells and minimise inflammation was followed by light lymphatic drainage, a cooling algae mask and to end the oxygen blast which helps to push products deeper into the skin and again is anti-inflammatory and bacterial.
My experience: As relaxing as it was effective, I felt like I learned a lot about the importance of balancing the pH of my skin and that I perhaps grind my jaw more than I thought (I had some serious tension there)
More here.


Dermalogica ProSkin60 at Dermalogica , £70
Good for: a skin reset
About: each facial is tailored to your personal needs and so begins with a face-mapping where the facialist looks at your skin and deduces what issues she can tackle today. Dermalogica have a great range of machines to use, too, so nothing is off limits.
My experience: My main concerns were breakouts and dehydration, so hydra-dermabrasion, a light peel and micro currents and LED were used to properly hydrate, heal and exfoliate the skin.
More here.


 Signature Sculp at FaceGym, £75
Good for: an instant lift and relax
About: using a mix of techniques for facial massage, including hands, Gua Sha and the new micro-current tool to lift, relax and get that circulation going!
My experience: I love massaging my own face at home, but sometimes  you need some professional help and the strength of my practitioners hands was incredible! It felt like such a relaxing experience and really helped release the tension I carry in my jaw, plus carve me some cheekbones here

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